The Asylum, Old Creamery, Knocklong, Co Limerick

TWO scare attractions, for the first time only!! The Screamery and the Warehouse from Hell. In Knocklong’s Old Creamery you’ll meet the freaks and ghouls in our all-new 2018 production. For a scarefest unlike anything you have experienced before, don the Hood and await your Fate…

The creamery will ooze with the undead this Halloween as a miscellany of malevolent miscreants awaits fresh meat.

Will you be brave enough to enter these ruins from your nightmares?

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Tickets – €15 (Students €12)

Note: No alcohol is permitted onsite, and people under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed entry.

The Asylum is located in the Old Creamery, Knocklong, Co. Limerick, just 30 mins drive from Limerick, Get Directions here

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What Our Visitors Say

Very good. Even the building looked scary before it started and as for the girl by the TV. Proper freaky. And chainsaw chase at end brilliant can’t wait till next year loved it.

Chris George

Absolutely brilliant, scared out of my wits I was so scared at how realistic it was I was actually having a panic attack ???? fair play to all ye guys, a lot of hard work went into it and as I kept saying on my way round, ye all deserve a good session on the lash after all ur hard work

Laura Holt

It was brilliant. Well worth the money. Will def go back next year

Chloe Crawford

Absolutely brilliant highly recommend second year going and will be back next year

Pamela Higgins

Brill really enjoyed it step up from last year can’t wait for next year

Gillian McElligott

Brilliant well worth a visit it’s sure to give you a fright

Anthony Higgins

Very well done! Scared the living day lights out of me! Never ever again! That chainsaw ���
And as for the ones all dressed in white turning on and off the tv �� spooky shit!

Marie Galligan

Excellent!!!! scarier than you can imagine, great entertainment. We had a great time

Jannette O'Connell

Absolutely petrifying , excellent experience and would highly recommend it

Lisa Marie Sheehy

Absolutely fantastic. The scariest experience I have every had. The props and actors are amazing. A truly unforgettable experience.!

Margaret Madden

Absolutely brilliant, great set up. The props and actors were outstanding. Well worth a visit if you like a good scare�

Susan Clancy

Brilliant our 2nd year going and it was excellent well worth a visit

Stacey Kelly

Absolutely fantastic. Great wrk from all involved, exceptional actors and sooooo scary. So good that we went back twice

Niamh O'Donnell

Absolutely brilliant…well done all involved will b talking bout it for a long time to come..brilliant.

Michael Mulcahy

Well worth going its very good!

Anita Moran

Been to the scare factory but the asylum, the one in Knocklong, is better

Valerie O'Donovan

Just home absolutely loved it, everyone should go, not for the faint of heart

Paula Ryan

Great, excellent, from start to finish. Brought three kids, they are still buzzing. Well worth a trip.

Paul Ronan Francis Rhatigan

Super scary experience….. costumes and makeup are really cool too!

Karol Batgirl Canty

Well lads ye did it again this year
Ye frightened the life out of us again brilliant well worth it

Sarah Chimera Wantcha Horan‎

Great job all involved .. glad i had Mags to hide behind on the way round. Need a change of pants now 🙁

Jason Wright

Great evening entertainment, screamed, laughed, ran, jumped right from the start to the very end. Well done to all involved. Highly recommend a visit

Lorraine Foley

Excellent!! Did Spooktacular (Grove Gardens) last year & this is up there with that!

Shona Ryan

It was brilliant never been so scared in all my life I needed to catch my breath in the 3 room taught I was goin to faint wud so do it again

Naomi Georgina O Rahilly

My god never got so scared. Unbelievable.

David Osika

Had a great time screaming and laughing well worth it would def go again

Sarah Chimera Wantcha Horan

Very, very well done. Super scary. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone

Dave Mullen

Frightened the crap out of me, can’t talk today as I am hoarse from screaming, if I find out who ur man is with the chain saw, I bloody will kill him, nearly died, can;t run as fast as I used to, well worth a visit, bring a change of underwear if you scare easily ha ha

Sharon Roche

Unreal it was actually fair scary

Shannon Delaney

Great crack there but by god never again

Edel Moloney