The Asylum 2018

TWO scare attractions, for the first time only!! The Screamery and the Warehouse from Hell. In Knocklong’s Old Creamery you’ll meet the freaks and ghouls in our all-new 2018 production. For a scarefest unlike anything you have experienced before, don the Hood and await your Fate…

The creamery will ooze with the undead this Halloween as a miscellany of malevolent miscreants awaits fresh meat.

Will you be brave enough to enter these ruins from your nightmares?

Panic rising, guts churning, it’s agonising entering, but there’s NO backing out of your Tunnel Torment.

A Must-Squeeze! Enjoy your Passage of Dread through the unholy sewer that awaits you!

Evil Detlev – locked up for ohhh thirty years now, will he ever get out? He’ll fry your brains, watch you writhe and burn in agony…

Be prepared for Havoc in the infernal VoltCage!


What better place for an encounter with the next world than the favourite haunt of the undead – The Crypt. Meet our ghastly Ghosts and Ghouls, who want to trade places with unsuspecting living beings.

Let them help you experience the After-world, though you might even succeed in escaping with your life.

blood oozing from schoolroom spelt

Twenty lashes for no homework. Don’t get a question wrong or you might find a fate worse than death awaits you. Visit the Sk-u-ll Room where the only lessons are How to Die.

Will your nerves allow you to enter or will you run home crying?